1. I am a tourist, can i visit the center?

Outside of meditation schedule, we are always open for visitor(s).

Opening hour for visitor(s)

06:00 – 08:00

10:00 – 13:00

2. I am a lay person and would like to meditate for x day(s) with friend(s) or family

If you are interested to join meditation retreat please read our rules and regulation at Rules and Regulation and register at Register.

Male and female practitioner(s) stay separately and are not allowed to visit each other’s dormitory.

3. I would like to meditate on x date. Is there any meditation retreat at x date?

Sometimes the monastery Bhikkhu(s) planned to host a group meditation retreat for a certain period. Email us to inquire for retreat date(s).

If you are unable to join this group meditation retreat, you may register for individual meditation retreat at your own convenient time.

4. I have registered but have not received any response?

We always submit every meditation application to Bhikkhu in-charge for approval, sometimes this discussion may take several days.

We recommend you to register weeks before to account for this delay. At the minimum, the registration requirement is 7 days before your visit.

5. I have sent email but have not received any response?

Please make sure that your email was sent to contact@pa-auktawyabatam.com, barring any unforeseen circumstances we will reply within 3-5 weekdays.

If you do not receive any response after a week, a reminder will be appreciated.

6. I am from outside Batam, can you provide transportation? How to visit the Monastery from x?

We do not provide transportation for any visitor. Our suggestion is to use Taxi from the harbour or airport or rent a car. The nearest ferry terminal would be Batam Centre Point International Ferry Terminal(40km).

Taxi and rental car costs are subject to fluctuations, you may check taxi rates from the following link keeping in mind that the information may not be up to date:


7. How long does it take to the Monastery from x?

We suggest to use google maps to estimate travel time from your location https://www.google.com/maps/place/Pa+Auk+Tawya+Vipassana+Dhura+Hermitage/@0.895501,104.119906,14z/

8. I would like to learn about ascetic life. How to train/ordain at the center?

If you are considering to live as an ascetic at Pa-Auk Tawya Batam, you should try registering for meditation retreat as a yogi first. Afterwards, the Bhikkhu may ordain you as a Samanera depending on your condition(s).

9. I would like to donate. Is there any Paypal/Online payment account to transfer?

We only receive Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) as a donation for now. You can either give cash directly to kappiya in-charge in the Monastery when you visit or you can transfer to:

Yayasan Dharma Mulia Abadi

Bank Central Asia (BCA)

Acc No: 0612 818 566